World Health Organization officially recognizes burnout as a medical issue

04 Jun 2019 12:55 PM | Anonymous

June 4, 2019

CBS Los Angeles reported that “burnout has been officially recognized as a medical issue by the World Health Organization (WHO).” Dr. David Angus, head of USC’s Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine, stated that, additionally, “There’s now a code for burnout doctors can use to help patients improve their health.” Dr. Angus described this new code as giving doctors the ability to “‘make that diagnosis and bill the insurance company for it.’”

CBS Los Angeles also described what exactly burnout is. WHO stated, “It’s a syndrome resulting from long-term stress that hasn’t been dealt with.” The symptoms of burnout can include exhaustion, being mentally distant from your job, and being unable to work effectively or productively.

CBS Los Angeles outlined a few ways to create less burnout. For example, ER physician Anna Cheh, believes “‘If colleagues, employers and supervisors were kinder to each other, that would lead to less burnout.” Additionally, it’s important to take time away from work technology to be with friends and family.

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