New market opportunities for healthcare technology development

28 May 2019 8:24 AM | Anonymous

May 28, 2019

MobiHealthNews outlined why new healthcare technology may not be designed with all types of people in mind. For example, “industry players have warned that many patient groups are being left behind—namely, people of color, underserved communities, members of the LGBTQ community and women.”

MobiHealthNews stated that “‘frankly underserved communities of any color, are being left out of this conversation and the technology shifts.’” However, there has recently been a shift towards focusing on the social determinants of health that will hopefully bring more attention to those communities.

Wildflower Health is an example of “a digital health platform that helps patients navigate benefits and connect to resources.” Wildflower also hopes to help “address women’s needs across a continuum of life,” not just throughout the common focus of pregnancy.
New technologies as well as clinicians are causing bias, according to the article. However, there’s the possibility that “technology could have the opportunity to close some of this human bias.” Although, there is another thought that because “technology is designed, developed and fed data by humans” it could make biases worse.

MobiHealthNews stated that the best way to start developing technology for all populations is to build a diverse team to work on the project.

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