Healthcare compliance for providers: An introduction

07 May 2019 9:09 PM | Anonymous

What is compliance? Compliance is:

  1. Following the law and regulations at all times, under any circumstance
  2. Adhering to ethical behavior
  3. Integrity
  4. A culture of doing the right things, a mindset, an awareness
  5. Transparency and willingness to learn and correct any errors no matter the cost
  6. Communication and a fundamental stance in professional and personal dealings
Healthcare is essentially about a high calling and ethical behavior, about caring and compassion, about trying to help heal and improve others. It is fundamentally something positive and soul-ful. But in daily activities we sometimes tend to forget that. Compliance is essentially an attempt to raise everything to the highest standards of what we already do, ensuring that we do not forget who we are at all times, and pulling up everything that begins to gravitate downwards by inattention or carelessness or slow degeneration and venality.
Human nature tends to find the easy way out sometimes. Our goal is to ensure that we listen to our higher nature, follow our heart and never forget or allow ourselves to forget that we have to ensure the highest standards of our practice. We have to become responsible to ourselves and others and realize that we enjoy a high station in the community and society for which we need to be answerable and we cannot allow bad behavior, no matter what the temptation.

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