Raising the standards of security and prevention against workplace violence

05 Feb 2019 9:02 AM | Anonymous

Date: February 5, 2019

Recent events at Chicago Mercy Hospital have brought attention to the threat of violence at the workplace, specifically healthcare. Medical Economics outlines this threat and how to combat this issue.

Compared to other industries “U.S. healthcare workers are three to four times as likely to experience workplace violence,” according to the article. However, after the Emergency Preparedness Final Rule in 2016 was passed “it dramatically upped the regulatory ante and spurred additional progress in medical facilities.”

Medical Economics describes the five elements that OSHA guidelines states are necessary for a violence prevention program and then outlines the steps for implementing this program. The first step is to define and assess risks and how these risks may be different for facilities of different sizes, locations, etc. It’s also important that all interested parties are involved in program design to ensure that “all needs are met.” Once the program is designed there needs to be a “strategic, thoughtful, connected, and comprehensive” process of implementation. Finally, “decision-makers should reassess and potentially update mitigation strategies on an ongoing basis.”

Medical Economics states that if healthcare facilities continue to develop these programs they will “deliver on this promise of providing high-quality care in a comfortable, safe, and secure environment.”

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