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Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) was founded in 1926 and is the nation's premier membership association for professional administrators and leaders of medical group practice. MGMA serves 22,500 members who lead 13,600 organizations nationwide in which approximately 280,000 physicians provide more than 40 percent of the health care services delivered in the United States. MGMA provides networking, professional education and resources and political advocacy for its members.

Nevada Medical Group Management Association (NVMGMA) is the Nevada state affiliate of MGMA.

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With one board, one strategic plan, one budget and one dues payment, the new Association is poised for success. In this changing environment, we know that solid proof of your expertise and experience matters and ACMPE credentials will continue to be an important way to validate and verify your professional knowledge and skills. While the requirements for attaining and maintaining the CMPE and FACMPE credentials will stay the same, under the new Association you will no longer be required to pay annual ACMPE membership dues to participate in the certification and Fellowship programs.

Instead, new participants will pay a one-time fee to enter the ACMPE board certification program and a one-time fee to participate in the Fellowship program. Existing ACMPE Nominees, Certified members and Fellows are automatically grandfathered into the ACMPE program. Those Certified members interested in pursuing Fellowship in 2012 will enjoy a waived Fellowship program entrance fee."

If interested and want more information please contact Irene Heinenmeier at iheinemeier@urologynevada.com.

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